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Integrating with Olapic

Emplifi has partnered with Olapic to help you centralize and leverage your shopper’s visual content to create inspiration during the buying experience, influence the purchase decision, and build authentic and long-lasting customer relationships. Consumer images captured through Emplifi's post-purchase Visual Reviews solution are automatically pushed to your Olapic Media Library, allowing for clean activation on site and across other marketing touch points, as well as eliminating the need to manage customer photos in more than one place.

This integration adds Emplifi-captured shopper photos and captions to your Olapic account and associates them with matching products in your catalog. Note that the integration is limited to Emplifi visual content; Ratings & Review content is not transferred.

To set up the Olapic integration, send these details to your Emplifi Customer Success representative:

  • Olapic API Key - Enables Emplifi to securely transfer content into your Olapic account.

    • If you do not know your Olapic API Key, contact your Olapic Account Manager.

  • Olapic Customer ID - Unique account identifier, referenced when calling the Olapic API, such as in the get customer by ID endpoint.

  • Initial look-back range - How many days back should we grab content for on the initial collection?

    • For example, if you have been a Emplifi customer for a year but just started using Olapic, you would want to transfer 365 days worth of content.

    • After the initial run, the content transfer job runs weekly, which transfers images that were reviewed in the last 7 days.

After the content transfer job runs, the content is visible in the Moderation Queue in your Olapic account, or in the Moderation Services queue if you have ModServices enabled. Transferred content is placed in both the product stream (folder) and the Emplifi stream (folder) and can be published from either. The Emplifi stream (folder) shows moderators which images came from Emplifi. After content has gone through the approval process, you can locate all content that came from Emplifi by searching for "Emplifi content" in the Olapic Media Library.

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