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Integrating with Movable Ink

Movable Ink provides personalized visual marketing experiences across email and other digital channels. Integrating Emplifi with Movable Ink lets you showcase ratings and reviews in real-time within marketing emails and in-app messaging.

Here's how the Movable Ink integration works:

  • Movable Ink calls the TurnTo API to get reviews, ratings, comments, and customer-generated content based on a product SKU.

  • Emails and messages that include a Emplifi Reviews and Ratings block generate the most up-to-date and relevant content for customers, based on product SKUs and targeting rules.

To set up a Movable Ink integration:

  • Work with Emplifi Support to get an API token.

    To retrieve or create a bearer token, a site manager or a Emplifi administrator uses the API page in a site's settings in the Emplifi portal. For more on tokens, see Managing API Access Tokens.
    (warning) You should not provide your primary token to other platforms or companies.

  • Work with Movable Ink support to set up a Emplifi Reviews and Ratings block in Movable Ink.

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