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Integrating with Emplifi UGC

With Emplifi UGC and Emplifi Ratings & Reviews, you can combine the power of authentic visual content from shoppers with compelling text reviews and ratings.

To set up the Emplifi UGC integration, contact to your Emplifi Customer Success representative. Have the following details:

  • Emplifi UGC API Key and Secret Key - Enables Emplifi to securely transfer content into your Emplifi UGC account.

    To find your API Key and Secret Key:

    1. Log into Emplifi UGC.

    2. Go to Account Settings, and select the API tab.

  • Album ID - Designates the album where Emplifi should store your content.

  • Frequency - Preferred content transfer frequency. Default is weekly.

  • Historical Data Push - How far back Emplifi should go for the initial data push.

There are two ways to set up the integration.

Emplifi Review Text and Emplifi UGC Images

This Emplifi UGC integration uses the TurnTo API. Emplifi UGC calls the TurnTo API to get a list of the eligible products and then puts the Emplifi UGC submissions for those products in your Emplifi UGC albums.

Emplifi Visual Reviews and Emplifi UGC Images

This Emplifi UGC integration automatically sends your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews visual reviews content to your Emplifi UGC account.

  • Emplifi Ratings & Reviews visual reviews are sent to Emplifi UGC.

  • Emplifi UGC puts them into an Emplifi Album.

  • You can feature content from the Emplifi Album in your Emplifi UGC photo reel.

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