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Integrating with Curalate

Emplifi's Curalate integration allows you to leverage the images that you collect through Emplifi to enhance your Curalate content marketing solution.

Prerequisite: You must have a Curalate account to use this extension.


  1. Collect this information from your Curalate account:

    • Data Source ID

    • Media Container ID

  2. Send that information to your Emplifi Customer Success Manager.

    Emplifi will configure your site for the Curalate integration.

The Curalate integration runs nightly to post all collected images to Curalate Fanreel. The content displays in both your Fanreel Moderation queue and your Media Library. You can then use the content across your Curalate product suite.

On the first run, the integration loads all images. Subsequent nightly runs are incremental additions of new images. This integration transfers all content regardless of moderation status.

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