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Integrating with CrowdTwist

CrowdTwist is a customer loyalty platform that lets companies reward customers for activities that demonstrate brand loyalty, such as writing product reviews, asking questions, and providing answers. Emplifi can integrate your Emplifi Ratings & Reviews content with your CrowdTwist account so that you can incentivize shoppers to complete actions in exchange for points.

Here's how the CrowdTwist integration works:

  • A shopper submits a review, question, or answer.

  • Emplifi uses CrowdTwist's User Activity Credit API endpoint to send CrowdTwist the shopper's email address and the Activity ID.

    • Emplifi sends one Activity ID per content submission.

  • If CrowdTwist confirms that the shopper has a CrowdTwist account:

    • Emplifi labels the content.

      • For reviews, Emplifi labels the review as incentivized.

      • For questions and answers, Emplifi marks the content as rewarded.

    • The Shopper receives points.

To set up the CrowdTwist integration, send these CrowdTwist account details to your Emplifi Customer Success Manager:

  • Activity IDs for reviews, questions, and answers

  • API key

  • Your CrowdTwist client endpoint URL

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