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Inbound Syndication Feeds

Product reviews that flow into the Emplifi syndication network are known as "inbound" reviews. Inbound review syndication typically occurs when brands want to provide reviews to retail partners for display on the retailer website in order to boost review coverage and increase sales.

Getting started with review syndication

To begin delivering your reviews to retailers in the Emplifi network:

  1. Sign up for Emplifi's

  2. Provide Emplifi Support with the initial feed file based on the requirements in this article.

    • Emplifi Support will work with you to create an FTP and a schedule for feed delivery. Clients often deliver feeds monthly. If feeds are not delivered on a regular schedule, Emplifi cannot provide timely syndication.

    • When sending the first feed file, inform Emplifi in writing whether you have the following:

      • Staff reviews

      • Expert reviews

      • Incentivized reviews

      If your feed file includes this content, it must be identified by columns in the feed file. You must inform Emplifi in writing whether it is each of these are included or excluded. Please ensure you exclude content that was syndicated to you and content that you do not have the rights to provide for syndication. (See

  3. Emplifi processes the feed, performs product matching , and syndicates the content to recipients in the Emplifi syndication network. To learn more, see Product Matching in Syndication.

Feed files

Reviews are commonly delivered in review feed files. This section explains how to create a feed file in the correct format.

If a data feed isn't feasible, contact Emplifi support to see what other options are available.

Minimum requirements for feed files

To add and update syndicated reviews, sources can set up a data feed to send reviews to Emplifi. A data feed must meet minimum data requirements.

Feed file requirements:

  • Automation - Feed files must be auto-generated, in reproducible way, without manual human manipulation. The Emplifi system relies on the data being present in the same columns, using the same formatting, each time a new file is provided. Automated file generation reduces human error as a cause of syndication issues.

  • Format - Feed files must either be in CSV format and use UTF-8 encoding or be one of the XML formats we support (Google Product and Reviews XML and Bazaarvoice Standard Content XML).

  • Data - Feed files must include all of the required columns listed below.

Feed files that do not meet minimum requirements cannot be processed.

Required columns

This section outlines the main data points that you must provide in order to be eligible for review syndication.

You can use different terminology and column order, but the meaning of the column headers must correspond to those listed so that Emplifi can match the content. In other words, as long as the data element is present and identifiable, you do not need identical terms for the column headings.

For example: if your "Author Nickname" column contains the content we call "Review Author display name", Emplifi can map your term to ours. As long as we can reasonably interpret your column names, and they are consistent in your feed files, the file meets requirements.

If you use a 3rd-party vendor to capture UGC for your products, normally you can use your account interface/dashboard to create a report with the required fields.



Product name


Product identifier

This identifies the specific product that a review is associated with in your review provider or e-commerce platform. This may be an ID exclusive to the platform, or it may be a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), manufacturer part number (MPN), SKU, or style number.

Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

Universal Product Code (UPC), which is a 12 digit barcode, or European Article Number (EAN), which is a 13 digit barcode, are common GTINs.

GTINs are used in product matching, for more see Syndication. If your product identifier is the GTIN, you don't need a separate column repeating the GTIN.

Product brand


Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)

MPNs are used in product matching, for more see Syndication. If your product identifier is the MPN, you don't need a separate column repeating the MPN.

Review text


Review author display name

The feed file cannot have Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Only the display name or nickname should be included.

Please ensure you do not share PII data in your files. PII means content such as email addresses, IPs, first and last legal names, or phone numbers. PII columns should be excluded when you generate your feed files.

Review date


Review rating

Numeric rating on a scale of 1-5

Optional columns

In addition to the required fields, your feed can include the following optional data points.



Product URL

While not required, it's important to include the product URL if it is available.

Review ID


Review title


Review locale

If this field is not included in the feed file, you will need to communicate the locale to Emplifi support.

Review location


Verified buyer


Staff or expert reviewer

These reviews will be badged as staff reviews.

If no identification is included in a feed file, Emplifi assumes none of the reviews were written by your staff or experts. You must inform us before this content is included.

Is incentivized

Where an author received an incentive to submit a review (including a sample of the product or a coupon), it must be clearly disclosed. If no identification is included in a feed file, Emplifi assumes none of the reviews were incentivized. You must inform us before this content is included.

Is syndicated

If no identification is included in a feed file, Emplifi assumes the reviews are all native and can be syndicated. The feed file should only include content you have the right to syndicate.

Moderation status

Including moderation status lets us hide any content that you have not approved. If it is not included, Emplifi assumes all reviews are publishable.

Recipients can apply their moderation policies to syndicated content.

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