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Link in Bio User Permissions

You can control the level of access to the Link in bio module through user permissions.

  • No access

  • User

  • Editor

  • Admin

Default platform account roles have the following Link in bio permissions:

  • Account admin - Admin

  • Account user - User

  • Client (External user) - No access

Emplifi Link role definitions

No access

A no-access user does not have access to the Link in bio module. In fact, they do not see the Link in bio module and Link in bio tab in Publisher at all.


Users can access the Link in bio module and use an existing draft button link that was already created by Editors or Admins.


On an existing microsite, editors exercise full editorial control over the content.

  • All User’s permissions

  • Create and edit a button link in publisher.

  • Create and edit a button link in Link in bio.

  • Add a profile feed in Link in bio.

  • Publish a social post to go live in a link in bio profile feed.

  • Publish the microsite.


Only administrators can create and delete link in bio microsites.

  • All Editor’s permissions

  • Create a new microsite.

  • Delete an existing microsite.

  • Share any microsite with another user.

  • See all microsites regardless of share settings.

Customize your account roles

To customize your custom account role’s access to the Link in bio module:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click Roles & permissions.

  3. Select the role that your you want to modify.
    A options panel slides out.

  4. Click Link in bio and select the access level.

  5. Click Save.

If you are getting started and have no custom roles, select one of the default account roles and click Duplicate. You can then rename the cloned role and adjust the role’s access and permissions.

Share access to the microsite backend with specific users

In addition to permission and role based access to the Link in bio module, you can share access to a Link in bio microsite backend with specific users. To learn more, see Emplifi Link in Bio.

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