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Configure Campaign Parameters

In this section, you define the hashtags, handles & keywords that you want your campaign participants to use when posting campaign content to their socials.

  • Collection parameters:  You must include at least 1 hashtag, handle, or keyword as part of your campaign. Content posted by your campaign participants within the campaign start & end dates that includes any of these Hashtags, Handles or Keywords in the caption will be collected as part of the campaign.

  • Filter Parameters: [optional] Define hashtags that must be included in any social post in order for that content to be counted towards your campaign.  If the content contains one of the collection parameters but NOT your filter parameter, it will not be collected in the campaign album.

Scenario 1:

Hashtags: #hashtag1

Handles: @handle1

Keywords: keyword1

Result: Any content that includes #hashtag1 OR @handle1 OR keyword1 will be collected as part of the campaign


  • Content with the caption “#hashtag1 @handle1” will be collected

  • Content with the caption “keyword1 #hashtag1” will be collected

  • Content with “#handle2 keyword2” will not be collected

Scenario 2:

Hashtags: #hashtag1

Handles: @handle1

Filter Paramters: #filter1

Result: content that includes #hashtag1 OR @handle1 AND #filter1 will be collected


  • Content with the caption “#hashtag1 @handle1” will not be collected

  • Content with the caption “#hashtag1 #filter1” will be collected

  • Content with “#filter1 #hashtag3” will not be collected


Why would I want to use the Filter Parameter section?

The 3 main inputs for hashtags, handles & keywords are what power collection is; anything added to those inputs will be the basis of the content that we initially find to be included as part of your campaign. The Filter parameters act as a secondary filter to help you ensure that your key campaign hashtags are actually included in the content being added to your campaign.

To illustrate this, imagine you added #fall to the hashtags section. Emplifi UGC will pull all content from your influencers that contain #fall. This initial search might contain relevant campaign content, but it will most likely contain a lot of content not relevant to your campaign. So the extra step of adding a filter parameter such as #campaign123 will ensure that only content with #campaign123 will be pulled into your campaign. 

This feature can be helpful when you want to strictly enforce the inclusion of a specific hashtag such as #ad or #xyzpartner in your creator's content, giving you further brand safety coverage.

How this information is displayed to campaign participants via the Creators Portal:


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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