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Agent Target Configuration

With the Inbox to Agent integration you can escalate messages to be able to create new cases inside Agent. However, before your community managers are able to begin you must first configure the Agent Target so that messages know which instance of agent they should flow to. 

To set up a Target you will need the following information:

Target Fields



This is the target name where the cases are escalated to in Agent.


This is the Agent instance where selected cases are routed.

Agent API user
(username) / (pswrd)

This is the username and password for the Agent API.


This is the queue name in Agent where agents will open Community Inbox cases.


This is the three-character ID value assigned to a company.

*Your host or domain prefix is a shortened version of the URL address you’ve used to access Agent until now.

Copy and paste the URL from the beginning to your “identifier”, which is the text that follows the domain and slash.

Example of Agent URL in your browser:

The URL part you need to copy:

If you have any issues setting up this configuration please contact your

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