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2022.10.06 - Campaign Briefs

We’re super excited to announce the next evolution in our Creators product suite: Campaign Briefs!

With the launch of Campaign Briefs, we’ve added more customization options to campaigns, including campaign descriptions, content requirements & compensation information, and made campaign brief information accessible to Creators through our Creator Portal.

We’ve also made some UI improvements like bringing content front and center in the campaign view, making it easier than ever for you to access content generated by your creators for your campaign.

Key changes in this release:

  • New campaign creation flow

  • Easily view all content created for your campaign

  • Set & track your campaign’s content requirements

  • Include compensation details for your influencers

  • Revamped campaign brief view in the Creator Portal

To learn more about these changes or how to get started with Creators & Campaigns in Pixlee, please check out this guide.

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