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2022.04.13 - TikTok Scheduling

Pixlee now allows you to schedule videos for TikTok via the Pixlee scheduler app!

First, make sure that you have a TikTok account connected to Pixlee, you can do this via the settings page and set up a TikTok user handle and the latest version of the Pixlee Scheduler app downloaded to your device (Pixlee Scheduler App Android | Pixlee Scheduler App iOS)

Next, select a video in one of your albums, click schedule post, select TikTok, fill out your post caption and pick out a time to post, and click the Schedule Post button!

*Please note that you will not be able to schedule content collected from TikTok - please see the TikTok FAQ for more info.

We’ve also added full TikTok support to the calendar, allowing you to easily view, edit, and delete your scheduled TikTok posts.

When the time comes to post, you’ll be sent a notification to the device you installed the Pixlee scheduler app on, which will prompt you to open the app to share the scheduled video to TikTok to finish posting!

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