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2018.05.15 - Permissioning with the Pixlee Assistant Chrome Extension

Pixlee has launched a new tool to assist with your permission workflow, in response to the new Instagram API. The Pixlee Assistant Chrome Extension (available only for Google Chrome) allows users to request permission/comment on Instagram content that has not been collected through brand mentions. (Content collected through mentions is still able to be permissioned through Pixlee) More here.

To install the extension, follow this link. Once installed, the Pixlee logo should appear on the Google Chrome tool bar. While in Pixlee, clicking into the extension will indicate which email and Instagram account is currently signed in.


Workflow Instructions

To add a comment or request permission, click into a piece of collected Instagram content. Here, the "Send" button is now labeled as “Comment via Assistant.” Clicking it will activate the Pixlee Assistant Chrome Extension and the following actions will be taken:

  1. A new tab to the Instagram URL will open

  2. The text from your comment will paste & send

  3. Once sent, the tab will close  

  • The same Instagram account must be logged in to Pixlee AND Instagram on your desktop in order for steps to begin. If you are not logged in properly, a notification will appear.

  • If you are using the multi-select tool, the sequence will repeat for each photo.  

If you have any questions about this new tool, please contact us at Emplifi Support

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