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2018.04.11 - Update to Pixlee Functionalities Due to Instagram's API Change

Below is a list of functionalities that have been affected by Instagram's API Change:

1. New Album: Collection through Mentions:

Instagram's updated API allows us to collect all brand mentions (@pixlee in the comment/caption) and brand tag on the photo. You will notice that we created a new album in your Pixlee account called "INSTAGRAM MENTIONS AND TAGS". If your album does not have any content collected in the inbox, it might be due to the fact that you have not connected your Instagram Business Account through Facebook. Please follow the instructions here to reconnect your Instagram Account for collection. Please also make sure to be logged in to your Brand's Instagram account in your settings

*** These collections are continuous but not instantaneous, so it may take several hours to begin populating​

2. Updated CRM Functionality as of 4/11/18:

Follower count and engagement rate collection has been restored for all contacts, new and old.

Adding new contacts to CRM has been restored. You can now add to CRM exactly how you used to:

  • Via "Add Contact" button in CRM

  • Via "Import CSV" button in CRM

  • Via "Add to CRM" button in Album/Inbox  

We can no longer collect past content from new users added to CRM: 

  • For previously added contacts: all older content will still be available

  • For new contacts added: all new content in which your brand is mentioned, according to the CRM settings, will be collected from the day the contact is added; any content in which your brand was previously mentioned cannot be collected  

3. Commenting and Permissioning on Instagram content collected via Hashtags (#pixleeteam) and Geotags:

You can now send out permission requests for hashtagged content and geotagged content via the comment button. The permission request will not be sent out through the Pixlee platform because Instagram’s API prevents all third-parties from doing so. Instead we will make the process easier by opening the photo(s) on a new tab(s) and copying the template to your clipboard. 

4. Collecting from Instagram User Handles:

We can no longer collect photos and videos from individual Instagram Users, other than your own brand account.

5. Collecting from Instagram Likes:

We can no longer collect brand likes from Instagram.

6. Liking Instagram Content:

We can no longer support liking Instagram content through Pixlee.

We will continue to send over updates as we receive them. Thank you!

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