AI Composer is an artificial intelligence tool that allows you to quickly draft post and responses and use them in your interactions with your clients and followers.


You must have Emplifi’s Scale or a higher package to use AI Composer.

Using AI Composer

To use AI Composer to help you write your social media posts:

  1. In the Emplifi suite, click the Publisher icon.

  2. Click Create new content.

  3. Click Use AI Composer.

AI Composer options

Before you begin composing your message, select the basic characteristics of the text.

Only enter the subject matter information details in the box.

Do not enter additional instructions (language, accent, slang, style, length, etc.) in the Prompt text box.

Do: First human Charles Brubaker lands on Mars

Don’t: Compose opinion news piece lead about first human Charles Brubaker lands on Mars in 200 characters AP style, US English, no emoji, include philosophical question at the end

Prompt text

Define the topic and provide the details for the AI engine to construct the message. It can be a simple line such as Emplifi AI Composer coming soon to Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud or you can enter the Six Ws (who, what, when where, why, and how).

Only English language is currently supported.


Define the format of the message based on your target audience.

  • General

  • News

Tone of voice

Match the language of the message to the nature of the news or information about your brand. For example, choose the Happy option in a post about the birth of a baby panda.

  • Sad

  • Happy

  • Professional

  • Excited

Text length

  • Short

  • Medium

  • Long

Additional elements

You can further refine the text by including additional elements to increase engagement:

  • hashtags (such as #, @)

  • emojis (such as 🙂 )

  • questions

To generate the message, click Generate text.

Process and verify the AI messages

AI Composer generates multiple versions of the assignment.

Usage guidelines and policies

Human moderation is necessary. The decision to use and/or modify the AI-generated content is yours.

AI Composer is an artificial intelligence tool. While highly autonomous and constantly learning, some members of your audience may find its messages inappropriate and, ultimately, damaging to your brand.

That is why you cannot automatically deploy AI Composer’s answers.

As per OpenAI usage policy, you cannot use AI Composer to generate the following types of content:

  • Hate

  • Harassment

  • Violence

  • Self-harm

  • Sexual

  • Political

  • Spam

  • Deception

  • Malware

If you prompt AI Composer to generate such content, AI Composer may take the following actions:

  • will not generate content

  • will generate content that you do not expect 🙂

Use a generated message

  1. Select the message that you find the best, then click Add to post.
    The selected text appears in the Post text section’s editor field.

  2. Click Apply.
    The post appears in Publisher’s text field.

Combine and edit generated messages

  1. Find the messages that are the closest to what you have in mind.

  2. One by one, select and click Add to post on each of them.
    The texts appear in the Post text section’s editor field.

  3. Edit post as you would in any text editor.

  4. When you are happy with the result, click Apply.
    The post appears in Publisher’s text field.

After you compose your message, you can continue to prepare your post in the usual manner as a standalone post or you can use it in your Emplifi Link in Bio microsite.