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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Guide

As technology continues to advance, security needs are becoming equally more complex. Given that the average cost for a data breach is $3.92 million (IBM Study, 2019), businesses need to implement company-wide security tactics to avoid data breaches, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks.

Single-factor authentication, where a user supplies a username and password, is the standard validation method – however, it’s only one security level. To help companies feel safer and more in control of their data, Emplifi users can now enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA provides your accounts with an additional level of security – without giving up the flexibility your teams expect.

In addition to using a username and password to log in, 2FA further secures your account by requesting an additional verification code generated by an authentication app such as Google Authenticator.

To make Two-Factor Authentication work for your teams, organizations can choose between:

  • Opt-In 2FA, where individual users set up 2FA for themselves;

  • Mandatory 2FA, which once activated in the account, requires all users of an account to activate 2FA, or they won’t be able to log in.

 We do not offer SMS codes or any other method (yet).

 How Does it Work?

  1. First, you need to set up and enable the 2-factor authentication for your Emplifi login.

  2. Then, once 2FA is enabled, each time you log in, a token will be requested.

  3. To generate your token, simply open your authentication app, such as Google Authenticator App and the token should automatically be displayed.

  4. Insert it in the field from your Emplifi login (shown in the image above).

  5. If everything goes accordingly, you will be able to log in successfully.

But before being able to use, you need to enable it in your Suite Account and then pair it with an Authenticator App.

How to Enable the 2-Step Authentication

Opt-in 2FA:

  1. Log in to your Emplifi Suite Account

  2. Go to Settings → Personal Settings → Security

  3. Switch the Two-Factor Authentication Toggle ON

  4. Pair it with an authenticator app (next section)

Mandatory 2FA:

Since this method is applied on an account level, users are not able to turn it ON or OFF. It has to be set by a member of our beloved support team.

The mandatory 2FA might be locked for you, depending on your Package. Make sure to confirm with your account manager, or reach out

Once enabled in your account, you will be requested to pair it with your preferred authenticator app. Users won’t be able to log in until the 2FA is set and paired.

How to Pair with Google Authenticator (Opt-in & Mandatory 2FA)

Although we take the Google Authenticator app as an example, keep in mind that the process should be very similar to any other trusted authenticator apps.

  1. A new pop-up window will appear with the QR code and the activation code.

  2. Now you’ll have to open the Authentication App for verification:

    1. Press the plus button at the bottom right corner to synchronize with Emplifi

    2. Select from the two options: scan QR code or enter the activation code

    3. Press Add Account

  3. Go back to your Emplifi Account, press Next Step and insert the generated code from the App into the code field, as shown in the image below:

  4. If everything goes accordingly, the 2-factor authentication is now activated for your Emplifi Suite User Account and Synched with your Authentication App

From now on, use the Authentication App to generate a unique code each time you attempt a login into your Emplifi Account.

Set up Two-Factor Authentication now to minimize the risk of data breaches, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks. 2FA provides your accounts with deeper security, while still providing the flexibility that Emplifi has to offer.

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