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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Instagram Promotion Strategy

Knowing what Instagram content you should put your advertising budget behind isn’t easy and making an error can cost you. Boosting every Instagram post is not a scalable strategy and publishing solely organically does not guarantee the maximum exposure for your brand on Instagram. Not knowing how your Instagram post will perform in the future means you might be wasting more than half of your budget by investing in the wrong content.

To build a bulletproof Instagram promotion strategy you need to eliminate the guesswork and be able to tell which posts you should focus on. This is easier than ever thanks to Post Performance Prediction in Instagram.

Post Performance Prediction helps you lower your CPC as well as increase the amount of Interactions you receive on your Instagram posts.

How does it work? Post Performance Prediction identifies your top-performing posts based on their organic Interactions and grades each of your posts from A+ to D. Content Grading is unique for each Instagram profile. To accurately predict the performance of your content, we analyze 6 months of your historical data to create an algorithm based on your audiences’ past behavior.

“A” graded posts fall in the top 10% of your best-performing content. In the chart below, you can also clearly see the predicted number of Interactions your graded content will receive.

In addition to the information above, you can also consult a chart with all of your organic posts published in the last 72 hours as well as a chart outlining which organic posts you should focus on when you are setting up your promotion strategy.

Post Performance Prediction also gives you a detailed chart that outlines the predicted Interactions that each post will receive in the upcoming hours. Simply click on any post in the “Organic Posts Published in Last 72 Hours” chart.

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