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Spot Patterns of Engagement with AI-Powered Content Grading

Creating successful content requires a robust strategy centered around closing the insights-to-performance gap. Emplifi helps you turn data insights into next steps.

With AI-powered content grading, it’s easy to spot engagement patterns early on, capitalize on this knowledge, and create eye-catching content that stuns your audience.

Use Content Grades to Fuel Your Content Strategy

For each published post, the Performance Prediction algorithm measures organic interactions and grades your content to indicate the predicted interactions it will receive. With content grades ranging from A+ (superb) to D (worthy of improvement), the algorithm measures the success potential based on organic engagement.

To receive content grades that are unique to your brand and audience, Emplifi analyzes six months of your historical data to create an algorithm that’s unique to you and based on your audience’s past behavior. Identify and monitor your top-performing posts and get actionable recommendations to maximize your return. 


Spot Patterns of Engagement All Across The Platform 

To leverage Performance Prediction to the max, content grading insights are visible across the platform: in Analytics, Dashboard, and Content Hub. With content grades automatically applied to all content pieces, there is no need to identify top-performing content manually. Let automation do the heavy lifting, so you can spot patterns of engagement and do more of what’s working.

Content quality matters to your audience! Content Hub is your all-access pass for deep content insights. With content grading, you can understand the types of copy, format, and imagery that work best and get inspired by top-performing content pieces all across social. Learn how to build a data-driven content strategy with Emplifi in Content Intelligence Workflow in Emplifi Suite.


Standing out in a sea of messages on social media is no easy task. By creating better content based on data, not guesswork, you can create content that resonates with the audience and drives real engagement.

Think you know content quality better than the algorithm? Join our Emplifi experts as they try to out-guess our AI in this interactive Live video.

For nitty-gritty analysis and benchmarking, hop over to Analytics, where you can extract key insights from complex data sets to stay on top of emerging trends. With AI recommendations, replace guesswork with data to optimize your content and ultimately improve company results. Be sure to share the good news with other stakeholders by exporting your analysis straight away.


The Dashboard module is a centralized place to oversee your entire social media strategy. With pre-designed templates and hundreds of metrics widgets to choose from, customize your analysis, and track down engagement patterns as they evolve. Analyze your own content performance and dive into competitors' content to learn from their mistakes and successes.


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