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Recurring Notifications Best Practices

When setting up recurring notifications, there is a couple of different ways to allow users to opt-in:

  • You can ask for an opt-in in a question from a flow, like a greeting
    Hi, would you like to sign up for monthly coupons?

    • Yes

    • No

    • or after an interaction - Thanks for ordering from us, would you like to sign up to receive our latest flavors?

  • You can ask for an opt-in in messenger using a keyword--- aka “COUPON” signs up for notifications. This is called a postback

  • You can set up an link, which is a link that links to the page URL and a Reference phrase, like DISCOUNT (Example: This link can be linked to a QR code or linked in an email or tied to an ad.
    (warning) links require the Get Started button to be enabled so the user is not required to have already started a conversation with the brand. This can sometime lead to lower conversion rates for advertisements because first time messengers may hit a “get started” button instead of being sent directly to the opt-in.

  • A better practice is to configure Messenger Ads with a postback (see above) and to run campaigns using a CTM ad campaign, which are available in the Messages, Traffic and Conversion ad objectives (Find some best practices at the bottom of this link). This not only leads to higher CTR, but generally allows you to debug the ad easier than watching for “Ref”. Also remember as a best practice to consider the type of targeting used for the ad based on the audience they want to reach.

  • Keep card titles and subtitles brief so all of the text fits within the card. (80 character limits for both titles and subtitles.

  • Don’t include a title with carousel posts for recurring notifications Opt-Ins

  • A Card Title IS required for the Notification that goes out to your recipient list.

  • When testing, create duplicate recurring notifications in the Distribution page, and hook each one up to a different FB page. Do not use the same FB page and Distribution to test as the final version.

  • For and ad links, there MUST be a ref=[code] in the URL to correctly present the opt-in. In the setup, the starting node of the opt-in flow should have a shortcut that has both of the following conditions using a “matches any” clause: Ref is [code]

  • Postback is [code]


  • A campaign content might be configured in “Distribution, Recurring Notifications, pencil button, send message”. It is a convenient and very fast way. However, you have to overwrite the content each time you want a new one. When using “goto flow” instead you can keep it and create a new flow for each campaign. Just select the new one before sending.

  • It might happen for a weekly NL a bunch of users opt in AFTER the campaign has been sent out. In this case you might send the campaign again. It will fail for all ones having received a message within the last 7 days already. But it will reach new ones. At some point it could be useful to have all at one “renewal” time to avoid getting confusing error messages.


  • If Customer is using multiple profiles and redirects, you may test them anyways with using "?brand_redir=DISABLE" in the URL

  • Campaigns using image cards may look different on different devices. On mobile images on cards appear as a square and on desktop they use a 1:2 ratio.

Open Issues

  • When using the Magnifying Glass and afterwards the question mark to review a campaign, the result per user is not correct displayed. Use right mouse-click to Inspect and find the tooltip to review per user.

  • For some reasons we don’t get an locale like de-DE or en-GB for users. Bot configuration based on that might go wrong in this case.

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