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Publish a Digital Display

Within the Publish Center, you can set up and manage from a variety of Emplifi UGC displays that include website displays, Emplifi UGC-hosted landing pages, email displays, Facebook tabs, Shoppable Instagram, and Digital Displays. 

Emplifi UGC digital displays have features such as accessible online content via QR Code and advanced customization. All customers will have access to the free version, but will have the option to upgrade to the premium package. Click here to see an example of the free version and here for the premium version.

The options available with the free version are: 

  • Photowall layout only

  • 2 rows by 3 columns grid only 

  • The Emplifi UGC logo will be visible - white label is available with the premium package

We do not support the browsers Safari or Internet Explorer (v11 or earlier) because they do not use Chromium core. The best visual effect is on Firefox (recommended).


Follow these directions to publish a Digital Display:

  1. Open your Publish Center.

  2. Click on “Publish a New Digital Display” within the “Digital Display” channel.

  3. Title your display

  4. Select the album that you would like to display, and apply any filter options.
    (info) If you don't see your album when connecting it to your display, it might be because it doesn't have any approved content in it!

  5. Customize your display (This step is only available for the premium version):

    • Sort Order - Dynamic, Recency, etc

    • Display Layout - Mosaic and Photowall

    • Design Editor - Grid Layout, Content Transition, Banner Text, Logo Customization, etc

  6. Save, generate URL, and paste onto a large display!


Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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