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Promoted Post Detection in Analytics & Content Hub

Post promotion on Facebook has become essential for any company looking to reach their audience, and with over 70% of companies promoting their content, the level of competition continues to rise. What if you could not only track the effectiveness of your own promoted posts, but that of your competitors as well? 

What is Promoted Post Detection?

Emplifi uses Promoted Post Detection algorithm to do just that. It defines a promoted post as a post which has nonzero paid reach, i.e. someone spent some money to draw more attention to the post via pushing it upward the news feed of individual Facebook users. PPD can detect successfully promoted posts.Using Promoted Post Detection, you can get exclusive owned and competitive insights. How effective is your promoted content? What percentage of interactions are on promoted posts compared to organic? Which competitors are investing heavily into their content and when? What content are they promoting, and how is it performing with their audience? You can use these insights to justify your promotion budget. 

View these insights in both the Analytics module of the platform and in Content Hub. 

Promoted Post Detection in Analytics

Here in Analytics, search for the profile you'd like to view data and then click to Promoted Post Detection in the left-hand panel. Here is the promotion strategy for one profile using public data.


And here's a competitive head-to-head of two brands for a look at promoted content efficiency.


The Promoted Post Detection graph clearly illustrates the relationship between the number of promoted posts and the interactions from these promoted posts.

Ideally, you should aim for your posts to be in the Extremely Beneficial Promoted Posts area of the graph. If you fall within this section, your promoted post strategy is on the right track.


Promoted Post Detection as a Filter in Content Hub

In Content Hub, find options in the advanced search options panel. Tick Organic or Promoted or Both and results will be generated in no time.


When looking at results, check out the tags in the top right-hand corner of a post. A blue "organic" tag or a green "promoted" tag will indicate what you need to know.
Here is a "promoted" post, with insights connected.


Here is a "promoted" public post, with no insights connected.


Additionally, a grey "unpublished" tag will also provide you with more insight. On Facebook, an unpublished posts is a status update, link share, photo, or video not intended to be shared as an organic post. Thus, it it never published, only surfaced as an ad. Click into the post detail to get detailed insights.

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