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Product Triggered Email Displays Use Cases

There is little question that today’s customers expect relevance, context, and personalized experiences regardless of the channel. With Emplifi UGC product triggered email displays, you have another channel to engage with your customers, while providing a unique and relevant brand experience.  

Using product triggered email displays, you can dynamically populate your triggered email campaigns with relevant and personalized content to increase click-through and conversions. Adding Emplifi UGC to your email campaigns is simple and quick. Our embed code works with any email service provider so that you can use product specific UGC in your email marketing.

Uses Cases

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

  • Post Purchase Review Emails

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

  • Have a clear description indicating the content is user generated and shoppable when sending out product specific emails:

    • "Don’t forget to complete your checkout and join the #LaBrea family!"

    • "We saw you viewing these #LaBrea products."

    • "How our customers get it done, #LaBrea."

  • When generating the embed code for your product triggered emails, make sure to select the appropriate click-through links:

    • Shopping Cart: this option should be selected for all abandoned cart emails.

  • Consider choosing a fallback album in case you don't have enough content for your products:

    • Shoppable Instagram Album

    • New album with content specifically for emails

Post Purchase Review Emails   

  • Have a clear description asking your customers for submissions and clearly defining how they can submit them 

    • "Thanks for shopping with us, share your purchase with us on social with @LaBrea #LaBreafashion."

    • "Check out our photos from the ‘Gram, get featured too by sharing content with @LaBrea."

    • "Congrats on your purchase, we can’t wait to see your looks / creations! Share with us directly on social or upload to our gallery by clicking on the photos below."

  • When customizing your product triggered email displays, make sure to enter or select the appropriate click-through links: 

    • Link to your gallery page where they can browse other photos for inspiration and submit content through the direct uploader.

    • Link to your Instagram page to encourage submissions on social.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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