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Instagram Data Connections - Complete Video Series

Here you'll find the links to the Instagram data connections video series. The video series is divided into 3 parts. Don't let the number of videos intimidate you! The videos are very short and right to the point.

The first part is mainly about the preparation before attempting data connections with Emplifi Suite, the prerequisites basically. These are useful if you want to know how to connect your Instagram with your Facebook Business page, how to check your Facebook Page Role, and more.

The second part shows you how to properly connect an Instagram profile as private with Emplifi Suite, or how to individually connect insights or the publishing permissions.

Finally, the third part will consist of known issues and workarounds so you can properly connect your pages or data connections. We advise you to only attempt the videos from this section if a member from our support team advised you to use it, otherwise, try at your own risk.

Part 1 - Prerequisites

Part 2 - How to Connect Instagram and/or Data Connections

Part 3 - Known Issues and Workarounds

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