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How to Read Ads Benchmarks Metrics and Results

How confident and competitive can you really be in your paid social media strategy if you can only measure against your past performance? 

With Emplifi Ads Benchmarks, you can position your ad spend and performance within an industry, country, or regional context—and get your ads to stand out in a crowd. Transform competitive ad insights into real action and optimize your ad strategy using the following recommendations based on common Ads Benchmarks scenarios.

Scenario 1: Content Red Flags

When you have high costs and spend, and low performance and engagement... 

Recommendation: The lower quality of your content is affecting how much you’re paying to advertise it. Focus on your content strategy. By developing better content that resonates with your audiences, you’ll increase your relevance score and engagement and decrease your costs. 

Content optimization with Emplifi Suite can help get you there. Features like Inspiration, Performance Prediction, and Primetime will allow you to engage the right audience with the right message at the right time. If you’re not in a position to overhaul your content, work on your targeting or try A/B testing your audiences to see whether your content is more engaging in different segments. 

Scenario 2: Missed Opportunities

When you have low costs and spend, and high performance and engagement... 

Recommendation: If you see that your spend is lower compared to other ad accounts in the benchmark, it may mean a missed opportunity. Consider spending more to maximize the impact of your content and get the most mileage out of your low costs. You’re on the right track, so keep going!

If extra money isn’t in your reach, you can still be competitive by continuing to create quality content. Leverage Emplifi Suite’s Content Newsfeed to determine the best content types across your competition, country, or industry and adjust your approach to optimize your engagement.

Scenario 3: Hero Status

When you have low costs, and high performance, engagement and spend... 

Recommendation: First of all, nice work! You’re spending a lot, while delivering great ROI. Of course, do more of what’s working. Test your strategy in other regions and countries to get the most out of your ad performance. 

Also, be sure to shout about your results from the rooftops or at least set up automated reports in Suite to get the word out. This is an opportunity to not only prove ROI from social against meaningful standards, but also demonstrate what you could achieve with greater support. You’re in a good position to justify your budget requests.

Scenario 4: Trial Run

When you have high costs, and low performance, engagement, and spend... 

Recommendation: Maybe you’re experimenting with or new to ads. Before investing more money into your ad strategy, try out a few things first. Take the time to understand and define the content that your audiences love. You can check out the best performing content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter filtered by keywords using Inspiration in Emplifi Suite. Knowing what content is doing well right now is a great starting point for building your own content plan. From there, you can develop relevant, high quality content that will engage your audiences and improve your cost performance. 

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