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How Does Emplifi UGC Collect Data from Our Website?

Emplifi UGC drops cookies for performance analytics and to power our content optimization products (Dynamic Display). We requires cookies for the above functionality and the absence of cookies will result in functionality being rendered inoperable to the customer.

These cookies simply track what photos a user has seen and is identifying the user with an anonymous id that expires after 30 days. The only identifiable consumer data ever collected is if a user is uploading a photo, he or she must give their name and email address with their photo. This data is stored on Emplifi’s servers until deactivation of your account. 

The names of our cookies*:

  • pixlee_likes - for voting contests, tracking what the user voted on before.

  • pixlee_social_cookie - for personalization, specifically to keep track of social logins and settings for the nav bar.

  • pixlee_analytics_cookie - Keeping track of conversions, lightbox opens, etc. interactions on the Pixlee widget.

*Note we only drop the cookies if the functionality is used.

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