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Ensure that you are familiar Bot’s terminology.

Button Response

A list of buttons that appear in a column and which provide a response. In the Authoring Response Editor, different buttons are available depending on the social platform being used. There are two types of payloads available:

  • Callback
    The text in the payload gets sent to the bot.

  • URL
    The payload redirects to the website.


The social media account that companies use to post new content and reply to questions and complaints put forth by customers.


A dialog between a user and a Bot Administrator. Conversations remain in the bot until the Bot Administrator deletes the conversation.

Conversation Flow

A scripted flow for the user to follow that allows the bot to provide a specific resolution for the user's intent. Conversation flows enable a Bot Administrator to collect information from the user or to guide the user's interaction with the bot. This makes information for the user more accessible.

Custom Payload

Allows a Bot Administrator to create custom JSON objects for each platform. Using custom payloads will extend the bot functionality by utilizing additional messenger capabilities.


Indicates that the bot could not respond to the user and the response requires advanced handling by a live agent.

Fulfillment Handler

The one responding to the customer. This can be a specific bot or a live agent.

Image Response

An image, photo, or video that the user sends and the bot uses to engage in the conversation.


A mapping from what a user says to what action the bot should take.

Intent Engine

The source from which your bot pulls answers.

Intent Handler

Receives information from the Intent Engine and recognizes what information will answer the intended message from the user.


A list of conversation flows, response groups, intents, routing rules, and data types generated by a Bot Administrator on the Bot Authoring page.


Each individual interaction received from a user.

Quick Reply

A horizontal list of buttons supplied by the bot to the end user which provide a quick reply. For custom payload, only Callback is supported.

Response Group

A list of bot responses that can be sent either sequentially or randomly. By sending sequential responses in a specific order, you break up the bot's responses into a set of shorter responses. By assigning random responses, you vary the responses that a user will receive.

Routing Rule

A list of conditions or criteria that must be met to initiate a specific action from the bot.

Unique User

For reporting, this is the unique user ID that is having a conversation with a bot. Each ID counts as one user.

For example, if a user starts a conversation with a bot, the Bot Administrator deletes the conversation, and the same user initiates a new conversation, the system will count one user based on their user ID.

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