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Get Nuanced Actionable Insights into Your Listening Queries

To get a more authentic picture and enable more nuanced, actionable insights into your Listening queries, use the Topics aggregated view in the Analytics module.

The Topics view allows you to dive deep into your customer conversations. The algorithm behind the Topics view dissects sentences to understand what is actually being said. As the result, the Topics view shows the most trending topics, their sentiments, and descriptive keywords that are most frequently associated with them.

For example, if you are a fashion retailer trying to understand evolving consumer preferences for a seasonal clothing line, categorizing mentions under broader topics like winter collection or summer trends may not be sufficient.
The Topics view can pick up dynamic topics like sustainable fabrics or retro designs and the sentiment tied to each. This helps you pivot or double-down on certain aspects of the collection based on real-time feedback and launch a successful campaign that heavily converts into a boost in sales.


  1. Go to Analytics.

  2. Click Listening on the left panel.

  3. In the search bar, select the listening queries, and click Analyze.
    The available views are displayed.

  4. Click Aggregated overview.

  5. Scroll down to the Topics view.

    • Hover over a topic to see the link that opens the topic in the Content module.

    • Hover over a topic’s sentiment to see the distribution of individual mentions' sentiments explaining the calculation behind it.

    • Hover over a keyword to see detailed information about it and the link that opens it in the Content module.

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