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Discover the Best Content Amongst Your Competition

Creating content can be difficult, especially when inspiration is running dry. You might be wondering how you can find top-performing well-executed content, when there is so much of it out there.

You can first look in the Content Newsfeed, which aggregates posts from all of your monitored pages. You can filter the posts by Labels, Organic, Promoted, Published or Unpublished Posts. You can even filter by predicted grades, which are based on our Performance Prediction algorithm. Simply click on Filter By to get started.

You can also search for specific keywords or filter by a post type, such as a link, photo or video.

You can also head over to the Inspiration section to get inspired by content from the world’s largest social media library. Thanks to Inspiration, you will have 10+ billion of the best-performing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube posts at your fingertips! Just type in a keyword, choose your advanced search specifications, and discover the most engaging posts.

You can sort your results by KPIs such as: Date, Reactions, Comments, Shares, and more. You can also filter the posts by Post Type, including Link, Photo or Video, or even by industry - for example Airline or Beauty.

Use the Content Newsfeed in tandem with Inspiration to get a complete overview of best-performing content - whether that's from the profiles you are monitoring or ones you have just discovered.

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