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Collect Instagram Stories

Each Emplifi UGC account starts with a special album named Stories. You can collect your brand’s Instagram stories into your Stories album to save all of your content in one place and re-use them in your other marketing channels. With the Stories album, you will be able to create unique website displays that reflect the content collected from your Instagram stories.

How Does the Stories Album Work?

The Stories album is a predefined album within Emplifi UGC that follows special collection rules:

  • You can collect only the stories from the Instagram accounts that are connected to your Emplifi UGC Social Profiles or through desktop uploads.

  • You cannot collect Instagram Stories into other albums, but you can copy content from the Stories album to other albums. Copied content will be marked with a sub-type Instagram Story icon across the platform.

  • You cannot copy content from other albums into the Stories album.

  • Whenever a piece of content is deleted from the Stories album, it will also be deleted from all other albums.

How do I Collect an Instagram Story?

Content with that contains copyrighted audio cannot be collected. This is controlled by Meta API restrictions.


  1. Under Curation, click AlbumsStories.

  2. Click Collect Content to access your Collection Settings.

  3. Click Instagram, and choose the Instagram account for which you'll start to collect content from.

    • Within your Stories album's collection setting, you can click Add Content button to drag and drop content from your desktop directly into the album.


You will not be able to collect stories that were reposted on your Instagram's story. Stories also cannot be collected retroactively. This means stories can only be collected starting from the date the social profile was added to the collection settings for the Stories album.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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