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Analyze Top Users Posting to Your Page

In order to get to know your community better, you can visit the Community Analysis section in Emplifi Analytics. This section will give you a complete overview of users that are posting content to your company's profile, showing you which posts received the most engagement from other users.

You can also use the Listening section as an Inspiration tool to get a broader overview of the people that are interacting with your content.

Community Analysis

In the Community Analysis section, you can find the list of Top 100 Content Creators in your community. This list displays the number of posts by the Content Creators, as well as the number of Likes, Comments, and Shares their posts received. You can also filter through their content to see whose posts received the most interactions.

Example: Take a look at the example below. The table consists of a list for Tesla's Content Creators. As you can see, the list primarily consists of media profiles. According to the data, posts about Tesla are receiving thousands of interactions. To see published posts from a Content Creator just click on their name.


Use Listening in Emplifi Solutions to find what your community or competitors are saying about your brand. You can also preset a list of keywords that you want to track, so you'll never miss a mention. Once you have defined which keywords you want to track, you will be able to view the Profiles as well their characteristics such as audience size and number of mentions.


Use our revolutionary Inspiration tool to find best-performing content across platforms. We have gathered 8+ years of data, so you can have the world’s largest searchable social media content library at your disposal. Get inspiration from over 10 billion content pieces, with 40 million new content pieces added every month from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Example: We used Inspiration to search for "stroller" on Instagram. For the last three months we found a user whose stroller post outperformed the rest reaching nearly 200,000 interactions.

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