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2018.04.27 - Permission Requesting for Hashtagged and Geotagged Content

You can now send out permission requests for hashtagged content and geotagged content that does not contain an @mention of your brand.

The permission request will not be sent out through the Pixlee platform because Instagram’s API prevents all third-parties from doing so. Instead, we will make the process easier by opening the photo(s) on a new tab and copying the template to your clipboard.

Here's how to send out a permission request:

  1. Select the photo(s)

  2. Select regular permission

  3. Select the permission option

  4. Paste the message (which has been copied onto your clipboard) and press enter to leave a comment on the Instagram photo

You can also use the multi-select tool again to select multiple pieces of content that have been hashtagged or geotagged. Tabs will be opened for all photos and you can paste the request onto each photo. 

Feel free to reach out to us directly at Emplifi Support if you have any questions.

UPDATE: The Pixlee Assistant Chrome Extension has been released to replace manually commenting. 

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