YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine – as well as the second most trafficked website behind Google. The importance of the influencer presence on YouTube is growing as well, as the number of channels with more than 1 million subscribers increased by more than 75% since 2017*.

It’s no wonder that collaborating with the right YouTube personality is an integral part of the social media strategy of many brands. After all, influencers can help brands grow genuine relationships with audiences on social media. But how do you find the right influencer pick on YouTube among all the noise?

YouTube Influencer Search and Discovery in Suite

In Suite, finding the right YouTube influencers is easy. With data-driven intelligence, you no longer have to rely on guesswork when it comes to selecting the right YouTube influencer pick! Drill down into Suite’s database of YouTubers and you’ll be able to build a shortlist of top contenders.


Make the Most out of YouTube Influencer Search and Discovery

YouTube Influencer Search and Discovery can fit the needs of any profile or brand. Here are a few tips on how to find your perfect influencer pick:

  1. Use Advanced Search to search by unique criteria such as the number of subscribers, interests, country, and much more. Type your specifications into the search bar or click on the search options to know exactly the information you can filter by. To select an influencer who your audiences will trust, consider searching by your marketing personas’ top interests to ensure the right match.

  2. Sort your results by: Subscribers, Performance Score, or Interactions per 1K Subscribers – and be able to view only the influencers whose profiles match your criteria. Results offer a top-level look at different profiles, with information such as Profile Picture, Performance Score, interests, YouTube bio, Interactions Per 1K Followers, Subscribers, and Views per Video.


    Suite’s automation of this detail-oriented research makes influencer marketing initiatives more scalable and trustworthy. It works like any smart search engine does, offering the most relevant results first and demoting or filtering out poor choices altogether.

  3. Find out more about your potential match by clicking on their profile card to open up their details. Check out their performance overview and content highlights to get a holistic understanding of their presence on YouTube. Imagine having to do all of this research natively, going to each individual profile one by one and monitoring their performance and content over time.

  4. Save your top influencer picks to Collections, so that you can always consult your favorites, ranking and discussing top choices with your team and wider stakeholders.

  5. Measure, benchmark, and predict the performance of an influencer across their platforms by adding their social profiles to Analytics in Suite – and be able to focus on improvements or anomalies in the influencer’s performance. Want to tidy up your shortlist? Benchmarking choices you’re on the fence about will reveal top performers over time. 


YouTube influencers often have an incredibly loyal following. After all, YouTube is the place for longer form content that dives deeply into niche topics. This is exactly why it’s key to do your research, scrutinize the details, and select the right influencers who will share your message authentically with their audiences. Suite’s influencer identification, paired with analytics, allows you to make informed decisions to maximize the benefits of influencer marketing campaigns every step of the way.