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Schedule Posts to Pinterest

The Pintrest scheduler in Emplifi UGC is the best way to publish content to your brand’s Pinterest board. Please note that we are unable to support videos for Pinterest due to their API limitation.

Follow these directions to start scheduling:

  1. Click into the album that contains the content (UGC or directly uploaded) you would like to schedule to Pinterest.

  2. Click into the content you would like to schedule or use the multi-select tool to schedule multiple pieces of content one after the other.

  3. Under the "Other Actions" dropdown, click "Schedule Post".

  4. Click "Post to Pinterest".

  5. Here you'll be able to preview how the content will appear on Pinterest. You'll also be prompted to fill out the Pinterest account, board, description, date/time of post, and optional link.

    • When choosing the board, you may need to type out the full name for it to appear.

    • You can only choose one board per scheduled post.

  6. Click on “Schedule Post” - at the indicated date/time, the content will be posted on your Pinterest board.

Pinterest has a rate limit of 100 calls per day, meaning you'll be able to search your board up to 100 times per day. If the rate limit is reached, you'll have to wait a minimum of 1 hour to gain a few more requests.

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