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Schedule Posts to Instagram

The Instagram scheduler in Emplifi UGC is the best way to publish content to your brand’s Instagram. The biggest benefit to publishing through Emplifi UGC is the ability to assign products before the content is published. This way when the post is made to your Instagram, the content and products will be available in your Shoppable Instagram

Follow these directions to schedule your posts to Instagram:

  1. Click into the album that contains the content (UGC or directly uploaded) you would like to schedule to Instagram.

  2. Click into the content you would like to schedule or use the multi-select tool to schedule multiple pieces of content one after the other.
    (info) Please make sure to keep the content within Instagram's accepted aspect ratio ranges.

  3. Under the "Other Actions" dropdown, click "Schedule Post".

  4. Click “Instagram”.

  5. Choose from 3 options on how you would like to schedule your content to Instagram:

    • Schedule directly to Instagram - see limitations below.

    • Schedule via Pixlee App - you will need to download the Pixlee mobile app for iOS or Android.

    • Schedule via Buffer.

  6. Here you'll be able to preview how the content will look like on your Instagram feed. You'll also be prompted to complete the fields for the team member who will post, account that will be posted on, caption, date/time of post, Shoppable Instagram preferences, and product assignment/call to action.

  7. Click “Schedule Post”.

    Depending on what you chose in step 5, on the date and time you selected either:

    • The post will automatically post to Instagram.

    • The team member who should post will receive a push notification from the Pixlee app via mobile device and completes steps 8 and 9.

  8. Open your Pixlee app to have your content saved onto your phone and caption copied to your clipboard.

  9. Post your scheduled content - if you have selected the Shoppable Instagram option, the content will be added to your Shoppable Instagram album.

When scheduling directly to Instagram, there are still limitations imposed by the Instagram content publishing that include:

For Photos:

  • Maximum file size: 8MiB

  • Aspect ratio: Must be within a 4:5 to 1.91:1 range

  • Minimum width: 320 (will be scaled up to the minimum if necessary)

  • Maximum width: 1440 (will be scaled down to the maximum if necessary)

  • Height: Varies, depending on width and aspect ratio

  • Formats: JPEG

For Videos:

  • Container: MOV or MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14), no edit lists, moov atom at the front of the file.

  • Audio codec: AAC, 48khz sample rate maximum, 1 or 2 channels (mono or stereo).

  • Video codec: HEVC or H264, progressive scan, closed GOP, 4:2:0 chroma subsampling.

  • Frame rate: 23-60 FPS.

  • Video bitrate: VBR, 5Mps maximum

  • Audio bitrate: 128kbps

  • Duration: 60 seconds maximum, 3 seconds minimum

  • Picture size:

    • Maximum columns (horizontal pixels): 1920

    • Minimum aspect ratio [cols / rows]: 4 / 5

    • Maximum aspect ratio [cols / rows]: 16 / 9

To learn more about automatic scheduling for Instagram, go to Enable Automatic Scheduling for Instagram via Buffer.

To learn how to navigate through the Pixlee Mobile App, go to Pixlee Mobile Application.

Do you have feedback or more questions? You can contact us through our Emplifi Customer Center.

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