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PrimeTime: When You Publish Matters

With PrimeTime’s actionable recommendations, optimize your publishing times – reducing the number of missed organic impressions and extending the visibility of your posts.


Saving Time and Money

Marketers are still relying on inefficient methods and gut feelings to make posting decisions, making common mistakes such as:

  • Leaving publishing completely up to chance

  • Publishing at a standard time on specific days of the week

  • Empirically testing different publishing times to compare results

These methods can cost marketers time and money and aren’t always 100% reliable. Let a machine learning algorithm put your data to work for you. Replace the guesswork with accurate, AI-powered publishing recommendations that get smarter every time you use them.

Leveraging PrimeTime’s Actionable Recommendations

PrimeTime’s predictive algorithm works by analyzing the historical data of your audience’s behavior to give you actionable recommendations on the best times to publish. Showing you the best day and time to post for every day of the week, PrimeTime helps you cut down on missed impressions and extends the lifetime of your post.


PrimeTime also includes a list of your individual posts. The Missed Organic Impressions chart shows you the amount of organic impressions your posts miss out on due to publishing at less-than-optimal times.


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