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Identify Your Best Performing Content

It's not enough to just create content, you also need to know how your content is resonating with your audience. As a result, it is important for you to get an overview of your most successful content, so you know what's working at a glance.

In the Content Newsfeed you can easily view your best-performing posts and even see your most recent posts so you can track your progress to make timely boosting decisions. You can also filter your posts by: Labels, Organic, Promoted, Published or Unpublished posts, and predicted grades.

Sort your posts by Date to view your most recent content.


You can head over to Dashboard where you can make use of the two following widgets: Recent Content and Top Content. You can find these widgets in the Social Media Overview template. You can also add widgets individually to a blank dashboard or a pre-existing dashboard.

The widgets, Recent Content and Top Content can be viewed as either a List (8 posts) or a Card (4 posts). This gives you a clear overview of how each post is performing in terms of KPIs. If you have enabled Facebook Insights, you will be able to view even more KPIs based on your private data.

Finally, you can use the Inspiration feature to search for best content among 10+ billion of the best content pieces across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Simply search for any keyword and get instant results to help fuel your inspiration.


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