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Filtering by Country No Longer Supported for Listening Data from X (formerly Twitter)

Due to the changes made to the X (formerly Twitter) API, filtering listening data gathered from X by country is no longer supported as of June 27, 2024. This means that data collected from X is now collected globally, therefore the gathered listening mentions may include data from outside your initially intended locations.

These changes has an impact on X only and do not affect the listening data gathered from the other social media platforms or webpages.

Does this affect you?
This change affects you if you have listening queries that have X as a data source and a global country filter applied at the same time.

In these queries, you are going to see warnings informing you about the country filter not supported for X:


What can you do to address the change?
Review your listening queries and choose one of the following actions for each affected query:

  • Turn off X as a data source
    If location filtering is crucial, disable X as a data source within a specific query. This will ensure that the query focuses on the other data sources where the country filter remains functional.

  • Leave the query configuration as is
    You can choose to leave a specific query unchanged. As the country filter is no longer applied to X data within the query, the X data is collected globally, which means that mentions from outside your initially intended locations may be included.

For more information about data sources in listening queries, see Listening Data Sources and Covered Content.

Need help?
If you have any question or need assistance, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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