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Create Saved Views Templates

Saved views tool allows you to create multiple analytical templates that are readily available to you or users within your account.

Rather than setting up parameters of you analysis every time, you can easily load your Saved view.

You can save any view as:

  • private or global

  • default for the given board

Save a view

To create and save a view:

  1. Set up your board with the required parameters.

    • data sources (profiles, etc.)

    • filters

    • aggregations

    • time frame

  2. Click Save as view.

    Save Filters Displayed.png
  3. In the dialog that opens, set up the Saved view parameters.

    Save a view parameters.png
  4. Click Save.

Edit a Saved view

You can modify a Saved view at any point.

  1. Load the Saved view.

  2. Make the required changes.

  3. Update the view or, alternatively, save it as a new view.

Manage your Saved views

Views are saved ‘per board’.

  • Browse the board’s Saved views and see which view is global and which is personal.

    Manage Views 2.png
  • Delete, edit, or set the view as default

    Manage Views 1.png
  • Saved views that you use frequently are displayed in the Recent views section.
    (info) The currently selected view is indicated with the red icon.

    Recent Saved views.png
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