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Enable Automatic Scheduling for Instagram via Buffer

If you have a Buffer account, you’ll be able to directly manage automatically scheduling Instagram photos through Emplifi UGC.

Due to Buffer API limitations, you won't be able to auto-schedule Instagram videos. 

  1. If you don’t already have a Buffer account, you can sign up for Buffer for free at However, you can also auto-schedule Instagram content directly through Emplifi UGC without the use of Buffer. Go to 2021.05.26 - Direct Scheduling to Instagram to learn more.

  2. Once you've put in your email and password, you'll have to connect your Instagram account. Make sure you select "Setup Instagram Direct Posting" and follow the rest of the on-screen steps to finish connecting your Instagram Business Profile.
    (info) You can skip the section that requires downloading the Buffer app.

  3. Within Emplifi UGC, schedule an image to Instagram and enable the “Direct Post With Buffer?” toggle. The dropdown now says “Choose a Buffer profile to use”. Click the dropdown and select “Login to Buffer." Once you've logged in, you won't have to revisit this step again. You can also select any of the Instagram Business accounts that you have connected to Buffer from the dropdown.
    (info) If you've chosen to schedule an video, the toggle won't appear because auto-schedule Instagram videos currently isn't possible. Please make sure to keep the content within Instagram's accepted aspect ratio ranges.

  4. Schedule a post like usual and it will show up under the queue in your Buffer account as “via
    PixleeBuffer,” and will be marked as “via Buffer” in the Emplifi UGC calendar view.

  5. You can edit and delete these Buffer scheduled posts via Emplifi UGC as you would any other scheduled post. Go to Schedule Posts to Instagram to learn more.

    (info) If you edit your scheduled posts on Buffer, they will be posted accordingly to the new changes. However, they will not reflect accordingly on Emplifi UGC. Please have this done through Emplifi UGC, so that the updates are in sync. 

    (info) If you're seeing the red pop-up notification shown below, this is due to Instagram API limitations. Go to the documentation for Buffer to learn more about Instagram aspect ratios. There are two options you can choose from:

    • Adjust the aspect ratio of the piece of content and upload and auto-schedule it with Buffer.

    • Schedule the piece of content without the use of Buffer, and manually post on Instagram after receiving the mobile push notification.

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