To connect Twitter insights or publishing permissions with Emplifi Suite, there are no special prerequisites as for Facebook or Instagram.

  • If the Twitter profile is not yet monitored in your Emplifi Suite Account, you just need to connect it as private and the insights and publishing permissions will be connected along with it (for details, see How to Add an Owned Twitter Profile );

  • If the Twitter profile is already part of your profiles’ list in Emplifi Suite, but it was added as public, you will need to connect the insights and publishing permissions manually.

If the Twitter profile is already monitored in your Emplifi Suite Account without insights or publishing permissions connected, the following steps will guide you through the process of connecting the insights and publishing permissions manually: 

  1. In your Emplifi Suite Account, go to Settings → Profiles.

  2. Select the Twitter profile from the list, under PUBLIC PROFILES.

  3. Click Connect or Connect Insights to connect the publishing permissions or insights, respectively, for this Twitter profile.


    The only permissions needed for making the connections is the login credentials for the Twitter profile, so the following steps are the same for both.

  4. A new window will pop-up. You will be asked to authorize the Emplifi App with the Twitter profile currently logged on the browser. If you’re not logged on a Twitter profile, you will be asked to do so.

    For this example, we’re trying to connect insights/publishing permissions with Emplifi Suite for the Twitter profile

    Therefore, we need to confirm that this is the profile we’re currently logged into. Otherwise, it will result in an error.

    In case you're not sure what profile you're logged into right now, our advice is to log out of any active Twitter profile in your browser before proceeding.

    This way, Emplifi Suite will ask to log in to Twitter for authorization (we would make sure to insert the credentials for jony73258198’s Twitter profile).

  5. Once you press Authorize app, you will be redirected back to Emplifi to confirm you want to add the profile;

  6. The insights/publishing permissions for jony73258198’s are now connected, and the profile has been converted from public to private (owned) in Emplifi Suite. Check the screen below from the Profiles menu, for reference.

You can now analyze insights data and will be able to publish tweets using the Publisher module and reply to tweets and direct messages using Community (as long as they’re not private).