You might be having trouble connecting your Instagram Publishing or Insights with Emplifi. To successfully connect your Instagram private data and permissions, there are a few prerequisites to fulfill.

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This guide will give you a better understanding of prerequisites for a successful connection. You’ll also learn how to tell the difference between linking and connecting an Instagram account with a Facebook Page. Let’s get started!

Prerequisites to monitor Instagram private data with Emplifi

Before you start adding your Instagram profiles to Emplifi Suite, there are a few prerequisites. Otherwise, you may encounter a few frustrating errors.

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of a solid understanding of the prerequisites to a successful connection with Emplifi.

 The Instagram profile has to be Professional (either Business or the Creator type)

  • You can check whether the account is Professional by going to the Instagram’s mobile App Settings → Account → Press Switch to Professional Account;

  • You will be able to choose between a Business or a Creator Account Type. Choose the type more suitable for your purposes;

  • You will be asked if you want to connect Instagram with a Facebook Page. Only Facebook Business Pages that you have Admin Access to (Facebook Page Role) will be displayed in the list;

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to use Instagram Creator profiles for publishing or replying to comments (Community & Publisher). This is a restriction set by the Facebook API.
    It's advisable to connect the Instagram Profile to a Facebook Page, otherwise, it will cause issues. 

The Instagram profile needs to be connected to a Facebook Page (Facebook Business Page)

  • Only one Instagram profile can be connected to a Facebook Page;

  • To connect an Instagram profile to a Facebook Page:

    1. Go to the Facebook Page Settings;

    2. Click the top right arrow and pick the intended Facebook Business Page under ‘Your Pages’ list. If you can’t find the page, press ‘See More...’;

    3. If you press ‘See More…’, you will be redirected to a new screen as shown below. Select your page from the ‘Pages List’. We will use Support SBKS as an example;

    4. You should now be on the selected page wall. Press Settings;

    5. Press Instagram;

    6. Finally, press Connect Account. If successful, Facebook will apply the same Page Roles to the Instagram account connected.

The user needs to have the proper Page Role on Facebook

  • As the last step, the user needs to confirm if the page role assigned from Facebook has enough permissions to make a successful connection with Emplifi (check step 5 Connect an Owned Instagram Profile for a more details);

  • To check what your Page Role is, go to the Facebook Page Settings (not the Business Manager!) → Page Roles;

  • The table below will shed some light on what Page Roles you need to make the FB/IG Insights and Publishing Connections with your Emplifi Suite Account:For a deeper understanding of the Facebook Page Roles needed for data connections with Emplifi, check out our guide here.

Ready to connect Owned Instagram Pages to your Emplifi Suite Account? Learn how in Connect an Owned Instagram Profile.

Having trouble connecting your Instagram with Emplifi? Contact Support

If you’re having trouble with this process, support is always here for you. We do recommend as one last check, to make sure you understand the main prerequisites for adding an Instagram account and its Data Connections with your Emplifi Suite Account, as this is usually where the issue is:

  • The Instagram account has to be Professional (either Business or Creator);

  • The Instagram account needs to be connected to a Facebook Business page;

  • The User needs to have the proper Page Role on Facebook;

  • Understand that the Page Roles important for connecting IG/FB insights or publishing permissions with Emplifi are granted from the Facebook Business Page, and NOT from the Business Manager;

  • See Cannot Connect Instagram Private Data Connections - Facebook Bug and Workaround.

 If you’re still having trouble, please take the following steps when you reach out to support. It will help the support investigation significantly. Simply share these details upon the first contact:

  • Include the URL from both the Instagram account and the Facebook Business page it’s connected to;

  • Send a full-screen screenshot to our support with the confirmation of the above from Facebook Business Settings → Instagram, for each Facebook Business Page - Instagram connection;

  • Finally, send a full-screen screenshot with the confirmation of your page role from Facebook Business Settings → Page Role, for each Facebook Business Page - Instagram connection.

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