This article will guide you through the simple steps of connecting LinkedIn Insights and Publishing permissions to your Emplifi account. 

  • LinkedIn Insights permissions are required to be able to get the LinkedIn post-level and profile-level metrics;

  • LinkedIn Publishing permissions are required to be able to publish LinkedIn content to the LinkedIn page.

 Prerequisites for connecting publishing permissions 

  • The LinkedIn profile has to have the ‘Super admin’ role assigned on the company page. See LinkedIn roles description here

Prerequisites for connecting Insight permissions

  • LinkedIn Insights connection is available only for LinkedIn Business pages;

  • The LinkedIn profile has to have a Page administrator role assigned (at least at the Analyst level). See LinkedIn roles description here.

Connecting an Owned LinkedIn Profile

  1. Log in to your Emplifi account.

  2. Press the +Add a Social Profile button found at the left side panel or in the Settings → Profiles section.
    In the pop-up window that appears, you have the option of adding Owned profiles.

  3. Click Connect owned profiles. When adding pages as Owned, it requires you to log in to the LinkedIn profile in order to complete the authorization:

  4. Click Connect LinkedIn.

  5. Enter your LinkedIn profile credentials. Note that your LinkedIn profile login credentials will always be requested to continue with data connections.
    (info) Ensure the conditions specified in the prerequisites section are fulfilledIf this is the first time a connection between Emplifi and LinkedIn has been made for this profile, make sure to allow the sync by pressing the Allow button.

  6. Toggle on the required permissions and press Add profiles.

  7. Your profile is now connected and classified as Owned together with the corresponding permissions.


Connecting permissions for a previously connected account

If your LinkedIn profile is already connected, you need to make sure that the required permissions are activated:

  1. Go to Emplifi SettingsProfiles → select the LinkedIn profile from the list of monitored profiles in your Emplifi Account.

  2. Click Connect insights  or Connect Publishing next to the permissions you need to connect.


    (warning) Emplifi uses the LinkedIn session that’s currently active in the same browser. So make sure it’s the correct one!
    In case you're not sure what profile you're logged into right now, we recommend logging out of any active LinkedIn profile in your browser - this way, Emplifi will ask you to newly log in to your LinkedIn Profile for authorization.

  3. Continue from step 6 (see the guide above), as the process is the same (including the prerequisites mentioned at the beginning of this guide). If everything is followed accordingly, your permissions will be successfully connected.