This guide will share some general knowledge about how to add pages as Private (Owned) or Public to your Emplifi Suite Account.

For a better understanding of how to connect a page’s private data, such as insights and publishing permissions, please check our dedicated guides.

To add a profile to your Emplifi Suite Account, all you have to do is to press the + Add a Social Profile button found at the top right corner of the platform.

A new window will open. Here, you can select the data sources or pages you want to monitor in your Emplifi Suite Account, as Private or Public. 


Adding a page as Private or Public?

You can choose to add a page either as Private or Public. Let’s discuss the differences between both options:

Adding a Page as Private - Owned Pages

When adding a Facebook Page as Private to Emplifi Suite, a Login from the Social Media platform will be requested for authentication.

If the credentials are correct, and if your page roles or permissions are detected as sufficient, the page will be added along with its Insights and Publishing Permissions. 

For Facebook and Instagram though, there are slightly different conditions for this to succeed:

  • The page will only be added as private if the conditions to connect both insights and publishing permissions are met - the user needs to have either the admin or editor Facebook Page Role.

  • If the user attempting the connection has the moderator page role, the connection won't be successful (the moderator role has permissions to connect insights, but not the publishing permissions).

Check the specific guides for each platform by pressing the links below.

Social platforms you can add as Private:

Adding a Profile as Public

This is the most straightforward way to add pages to your Emplifi Suite Account. However, only public data from the API will be available. The publishing permissions and the insights for this profile are not connected yet, the page will be added as public.

To add a page as Public:

  1. Press the + Add a Social Profile button located at the top right corner of your Emplifi Suite Account

  2. Press Add Public Profiles

  3. You can also search for a specific page URL.
    (info) Some URLs might include strange characters. Try to avoid these characters, and adjust them manually (example:écondençado, or The platform might not recognize the special characters which will result in a "dead-end". In such cases, it's advisable to search for chalecondencado (no special characters)

  4. You can also search for a specific page name. A few results will be presented, also for different platforms

  5. If everything goes right, your pages will be added successfully to your Emplifi Suite Account

After adding the page to Suite, it might take some time to download and parse all the data from the API. How long it takes before the page is ready for monitoring will depend on the amount of data to be downloaded. It could take just a few seconds or, for extreme and rare cases, up to 40 hours, so please be patient.

It’s possible to assign groups, timezone, and labels while adding the pages, so everything is assigned beforehand.

You can add multiple profiles at once by copy-pasting up to 100 profile URLs. Simply press add multiple profiles, as shown below:

Once publishing permissions and/or the insights are connected, Emplifi Suite will switch the profile to Private.

Adding a profile can be pretty straightforward. There is much more to know about adding Facebook insights and publishing permissions. Make sure you read the specific guides to make the process of adding profiles as smooth as possible.

For an overview of all the pages you have added to Emplifi, separated by Private (Owned) and Public, simply go to Settings → Profiles Menu.