In this article, we’ll look at the social media platforms, content types, and the historical data that you can access in Emplifi Community.

Content Types and Historical Data in Community

The following information applies to all Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages connected as private (pages with, at least, the publishing permissions token connected to Suite). These are the only platforms currently available in our Community module.


  • Supported in Emplifi Community.

  • Missing feature: Available in the API of the social media platform, but Emplifi did not implement it, yet.

  • X
    Not in the API: Available on the social media platform natively, but not accessible via the API, so no third-party provider can provide this functionality.

  • Not available on the social media platform: For example, you can't send private messages to LinkedIn company pages – not even on LinkedIn natively.

*Total Historical Data in Emplifi Community - Depth of historical data available on the Community Feeds: 90 days across all social media platforms.

*Historical Data Provided by the Social Media Platform’s API - The data that is accessible via the social media platforms’ API. Check the table below.

For example: When a LinkedIn page is added to our database, we will download 4 weeks of historical data retrospectively. Since we store up to 90 days of historical data in Community, these 4 weeks of historical data will increase each day, for as long as the page is monitored, until the 90 days cap is reached for the page.

Update Frequency in Community

Downloading content from various social media platforms is a complex process. Please consider the below table as an ideal case scenario, in case there are no issues such as missing tokens, rate limits, infrastructure issues, high loads on databases, or other disruptions.

  • Depth of History With Each Data Download
    The amount of data that Emplifi is downloading by default.

  • Difference between
    Depth of History With Each Data Download VS Historical Data Provided by the Social Media Platform’s API (previous table).

The depth of history is how much data Emplifi is downloading by default, whilst the historical data is how much data can be downloaded from the social media platform’s API (limitation).